So its 2:07am and I am just returning home from my recent kidnap.

Kidnappers  <– Now renamed as Adopted Lesbian Parents. lmao

Chelsi&Sara <– Mmm the secrets we share<3 <– Giggles.

Kidnapped at 12pm

But I’m naked! <– Just put the Taylor swift shirt on! lmao.

Adventure to secret places with lots of toys 😉 <– haha

“Lets buy shardai a toy”

Bill <– “No try this one, that one sucks.” <– uh Chelsi why does he know that?!

Shardai: I like blue but the purples bigger, lmao! ohmy!

and will get her to go along with it cause will promise food, grr they know me so well :p

Ahhhh <– that’s where it all started, lmao

Mc Donalds! what? no ice cream? ahhh. Oh yeah and were only accepting cash wth. –> hahah porn magazines.

Guy at the window: Hey look shes reading playboy.

Sara: yeah I work at a porn shop.

Guy: oh yeah, which one?

Wtf? <– hahah they were really having this conversation.

Secrets untold in Sara’s car(:

Mmm two kisses, haha do I taste mint?! lmao.

These are the nights I’ll remember forever.


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