So I’m back! Only six days and it feels like I’ve been gone for forever, swear! So jeree did not have the baby yet, but she went to the doctor and the doctor said if she does not have it by next Saturday (aug. 29th ß also the day of the family picnic) That there going to induce her labor, aka make her go into labor. So hopefully she comes out before then, I’m so anxious!

I was fun just hanging out with my jeree. I’ve realized were very compatible in the living together department, we get along well. I’ve also come to realize that I’m really concerned about her boy friend, the baby’s father, I hope for ayianas sake that he steps up in allot of ways, but I guess will see.

Oh man, swear the entire time I was over there all I did was eat! Its crazy! And the first thing my dad says when he sees me is “ man you’ve gained weight” 😮 ß Thanks dad, way to boost my confidence. I mean take into consideration I had just come from going out to eat :p either way it didn’t help): ßDiet maybe?

So I get back and I call Liz to let her know I’m home and she’s like come hang out with us, Carolyn and kcat are here. So I leave in less the 30 mins of being home, but so worth it! We went to Red Robin ß Favorite! And we had a blast! Ha we told them it was my birthday and I got free ice cream, yaya! Then we took one of their swirly glasses ß shhh. Lmao I super missed them though; it’s been forever since all four of us hung out. Junior year we were inseparable! We did everything together, and we got pictures to prove it 😉 Awh tree crew<3

Anyway church tomorrow and I get to see my nana that’s visiting from Florida and I haven’t seen in forever! : D

 Sweet dreams.


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