Imagine a drug, that you don’t have the power to deny. Imagine this drug containing your future, your present, and even your past.  Imagine your desire for this drug is as strong as the oceans waves, as strong as a mother love, stronger then you can imagine.

Welcome to my dreams, the desire to be who I want to be is as strong as a drug addiction. I’d hate to be one of those people that go on and on about there dream and they say ” you’ll see me one day”, or “I’m gonna get there, you watch”, and they never do. I might not get there, but believe me I’ll die trying.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved being the center attention. My life has always been a crazy ride, I lived in allot of different places and met allot of different people but no matter where I was, when I left, they remembered me, or at least I’d like to think 😉

I had to be more then just me, I was always someone different. Whether it was, wanting to fit in, or blend it, I transformed. More then just “phases” I became who ever I wanted to. I grew up at a young age, seeing and experiencing things most still have not.

I act for a living, why not get paid for it? Swear its not the fame and money that calls my name, but the passion and desire that calls my heart.

You know how in high school it seems like everyone has there place, or there thing, that there good at? Whether its a sport, or an academic, or a club, its something. I was never REALLY good at one thing, so I just did “good” at allot of different things. Get it?

Acting, came naturally. Okay okay let me not lie, I was shy on stage, believe it or not, but once I opened up, oh baby I opened up.

I want this, but I want it my way, and my way is a bit more difficult. Remember how I said I was good at allot of different things, but not really good at just one thing. Well Journalism turned that around, the things I can do with pen and paper, or a camera and quite amazing I must say.

So I’m a girl with two dreams and I plan to achieve them both, ask me how? Your guess is as good as mine, but see I’ve grown quite found of this thing called faith<– Believing in what you cant see, or prove. its BELIEVING. And baby believe me, I do Believe.

So I’m not gonna say you’ll see me one day on t.v or read my story, or flip though a magazine and see my pictures, but I will ask you, Do you believe? Because if you believe, I’ll be seeing you soon, even if it is just passing by in stater brothers.


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