So I just wrote the longest blog of my life! The one before this is if you didn’t noticed, like man craziness, ha but entertaining right? Shocker shocker.

Anyway figured I’d update you on a few things. Ashley and my cousins made it safely back to Texas. Man I can’t believe there really gone, I miss her so much already 😥

So I hung out with Liz yesterday <– remember her, best friend ha. It was fun, I missed her allot and I’m glad were back on track =]

Also hung with my twin, ha two hours but we laughed like non stop <– 😀 shes pretty amazing if I didn’t already tell you ❤

Then Chelsie and Sara came by to fill my craving, love them! They always come at like the best time, swear there like my personal cheer up squad lol ❤

UGH all these ants are diving  me insane! And I have no idea where there coming from so I cant even kill them! ahh!  <– Random I know, but I just killed one on my arm.

Anyone, I got my permit book thingy so I can study now, and hopefully I’ll be taking the test on the 27Th.

Testimony definition: Witness, evidence, proof of some fact.

So Monday night I got home at like one something <– that was the day I wrote the blog about my grandma and all that stuff. After I was done blogging I decided to check my Cal St. profile, randomly, I don’t know why, but I’m glad I did because I went on there and it said my admissions had been cancelled, and to call this number. I started freaking out, I didn’t know what was going on, I started having an anxiety attack and I was crying. So I calmed myself down, told myself I couldn’t do anything and I would just call in the morning and See what was going on.

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t, with everything that was going on I just could not sleep. So I got up and I prayed, I just cried and prayed, and I asked god to fix this, let it be a mistake, and just give me the strength to take whatever was going on.

So I fell asleep eventually and woke up the next morning and I called, I talked to this lady who could not figure out what was going on and had to go get her boss <– which made me freak out even more. And so now I’m talking to this other lady and shes asking me all these questions and in the end it turns out they were missing some paper work but found it and it was a  mistake and it would be cleared in a couple of days.

So can you say god is good or what? I was so relieved that it was just a mistake and everything was fine, and I thank god that he took care of it<3

Prayer is the answer my friends(: <– Believe me.

I noticed something today, I have amazing friends, who at times I take for granted and I’m sorry. I need to learn to not be so defensive and territorial and to speak up, I’m the first to talk, but not what I need to be talking about, and I know that, and I’m going to fix that.

Well lets go scavenger for some food!

Peace it yo =]


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