My oh My oh My! <– do I have things to tell you! Kay its only been two days, but its been a very eventful two days.

Lets start with Friday and the Relay for Life, absolutely amazing! I walked like over 13 miles ( hence the EXHAUSTION) but it was so worth it, I met a lot of nice people and I don’t know it just, it felt good, just the cause and everything. I was so proud of my sister, and even people I didn’t know, it was truly amazing man, like I cant put it into words. 

Awh and they had these bags that you decorated in honor of someone or in memory of someone and there was a candle lit inside them, so when we did this walk, it was in complete darkness and you could see each name lit up. So our team was named “Cancer Crushers” woo woo, best team name! And our idea was, you bought a necklace for $2 and each time you did a lap, you put a bead on it, great idea right, ha i know(: but all in all it was a life changing event and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. –>iloveyou sister<3

Okay and now saturday,  Alicias party. So got there late because I stayed the night at my sisters after the Relay and then had to go get alicis present. <– A money clip/pocket knife with her initials engraved on it(:

Now if you remember previously, we did not end on good terms, so I was a litter nervous arriving, and as I assumed, when I got there it was weird, I felt like an outsider. So I kinda drifted around talking to the family, blah blah blah just decided I didn’t want to go into details lol but it was up and down, but ended on a good note I suppose.  We swam, ate, chilled, and yeah oh and I am pretty sure I’m in love with her brother(: <– ha

So I feel unsatisfied, like I should write something else, but I’m just not sure …


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