First off, I’ve been gone all day (hanging w/the pack) and I get home and the kitchen is a mess, mind you we’ve been having this ant problem, so leaving food out does not help. And as much as I want to go on strike and say I’m not cleaning it, I cant because I don’t like living in a dirty house, specially with bugs, so I’m stuck cleaning!

Anyway, was already in a bad mood when I got home.


So was at Alicia’s house today, everything was going normal. We were all there except for steph, eventually we dropped gabby off at practice and it was just me Alicia and Alex. Swear things were going just fine until steph came back and everyone started watching this movie, which was pure stupidity to me so I went outside to read my book. Like 15 minuets later steph joined me and I sat there and read, which she just chilled. It got dark soon and we just sat out there talking, then Nat( alicias sister) comes out to tell me “So you think you can dance” is on, so I like run in the house and were all watching it. You can already tell its weird because alicia and alex were only talking to each other, or I ‘d make a comment and ALICIA <– I capitalized that to emphasize who, would make a smart remark about what I said.


It just pissed me off, like are you serious? First off what the hell are you mad about and second off I could of swore you and alex were just on the fence now your all buddy buddy and I’m the outsider again, oh come on!

I’m so sick of the petty ish in the pack, like eff it makes me not want to associate with any of them anymore, damn man.

And then we get in the car to take me home, and there still just talking to each other, I’m like whatever. We get to my house and I get out and I’m like see you Saturday,and Alex says bye but Alicia doesn’t say anything. WTF <– šŸ˜” .. And then like 20 mins later I called alex and I’m Ā like I take it you guys made it homeĀ  safe and shes like yeah, well you didn’t tell alicia to call you. OMG. are you serious, since when do I have to tell you to call me and let me know your home safe?!

AHH <– I’m so freaking irritated, like I don’t even want to go on Saturday anymore at this point.

Whatever man, well I have to get up early, were doing the Relay for Life for my sister tomorrow, I’m really excited for that thankfully =]

Sweet Dreams.


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