Okay, so remember a while back I confessed I’d been having those consistant dreams about Micheal Jackson and I? Well there still happening, crazy right? Well last night was one of the most interesting ones.

How do I put this, oh God. I am no longer a “Dream Virgin” Yes! I know this is crazy, trust me! But I cant control my dreams, man there so realistic, like I woke up and my stomach was hurting and I was sore, like actually sore.

Man oh man oh man. Well mine as well go on, it was pretty insane. it hurt like crap, it was romantic and beautiful, kind of like I’ve always imagined it. J was sweet, and loving and gentle and he made it one of the best nights of my life.

UGH <– what am I doing with my life!

I’m going to write a book, this is clearly to insane to comprehend right now.



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