So today is my bestfriends birthday, if you didnt notice. So I’m dedicatiing this blog to her =] shes tuning 18 by the way, finally legal!

Man I remember when I first met her, she was only 15 years old and I thought she was going out with this guy I liked, but turned out they were cousins (which I later discoverd wasnt true) <– the cousin part, not the dating. Anyway, and ever since that day we’ve been the best of friends!

Now. you wouldnt believe it if you saw us, actually most people still dont, I even question it at times, but we get each other like no one else, litterally. There are things she knows about me that I dont even admitt and things I know about her as well. Were pretty much complete opposites, not much in commen at all really, yet we can sit and talk for hours about anything. Its crazy, its more of a relationship then a friendship actually(no homo) <– LMAO, IF YOU ONLY KNEW.

I love her more then food, and thats alot! She is the defenition of a best friend, and this is only the begining.

I love you best friend, happy brithday!


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