Hello/I’m back!

Oh man it seems like I’ve been gone for forever! I had such an amazingg time though! I got home yesterday around one, went to sleep around two and didn’t wake up until eight just morning! <– just to show you how tired I was.

So just a run though –>we went ..


Paint balling

Knotts soak city


San Diego Pier

and ate sooooo much, swear I gained like 10lbs!

I actually slept in a tent, like outside on the ground in a sleeping bag. crazy! Surprisingly I didn’t get any bug bites, but oh, I have bruises. Swear the scariest thing of my life was paint balling! It hurt like crap, them dang liars ” oh its only a  pinch” “there’s so much adrenaline you don’t even feel it” <– oh I felt it alright, and I got bruises to prove it.

And man, I feel so much closer to God, like I cant begin to explain it, but it was exactly what I needed. A refresher, a reminder of who I am, and what I need to be doing with my life. <– Amen to that!

So glad I went! Now lets get this week started!

p.s did I tell you alicia(bestie) got tickets to go see the season finally of so you think you can dance! so excited!

Catch up with you later(:


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