So about two weeks ago, I wrote this blog but didnt get a chance to post it. So it may have some old things in it but I’m posting it anyway.

So its 5:30am and I’m awake unfortunately. Why, you ask. Well I woke up around 2:45 because one, I had to tinkle, two, I had a bad dream, and three, I just did. So I watched Law and Order SVU and ate some ice cream hopefully thinking I could fall back asleep. WRONG! So for the most part I just laid their watching TV until I noticed, “oh, the sun is coming out”, so I went outside and sat on MY car and just looked at the sky (and listened to like a million birds chirping). Its funny, the sky was clear as day, but there was one star, that shined bright enough so you could barely see it. I got lost in thought staring; I realized there are so many possibilities in the world. I mean, I know I knew that and people tell you that, but it’s true. All the possibilities, but the catch, is only you can make it possible. Easier said then done by the way.


So Michael Jackson has literally been in my head since June 25th around 6:15ish, or as in my dreams he’s known as J (because his middle name is Joseph) ß wow?! And the crazy thing is, like I don’t control my dreams. So its not like I just sit around fantasizing about him (laughing to myself). Then again they say your dreams are sometimes your deepest desires/fears. So is he a fear or desire? “Kidding, kidding”. I don’t know, its all a little odd, but interesting most definitely. I just think I admire what he was to the world and to a certain extent what he stood for. Crazy yeah, but really “who isn’t?” I mean who am I to judge on that subject like, “really?” I wish I could rewind time; I‘d love to be locked in a bathroom with him –> (don’t ask why a bathroom), just to see the way his mind works, to know what it he thinks. Not because he is Michael Jackson, but because he’s Michael. ß If you’re lost or not following along with my train of thought right now, give up. Clearly I am in my own world, and it is 5 in the morning (laughs to myself).


Well I think its perfect weather to go running, plus I’ve got a lot on the brain.


P.S Remind me to update you on the past couple of days (baby shower, grandma ect.)

 Peace it yo =] 



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