Okay so lets jump right into this. Theres a guy. Anonymous, but aged 24. A little old I know, but then again I’m quite mature for my age so in reality not too bad. Whatever, Met him at a party. Mmm he’s a looker and a thinker that’s for sure. Got the diggets, hung out last night (at like 12 in the morning!) and pretty much decided I like him, overall, whether hes intrested in me is left to ponder. Were chillen again tomorrow so I guess will see.

Possible mistake: introduced him to my twin. Believe me my self esteem is just fine, but its my twin, and as drake says –>

“she bring her friend around and make a nigga reconcider” <– lets hope not.

Just thought I’d let you know in-case something happens I can skip the intro and get to the details.

So camp next week, its for church. Pretty excited. I think I need this, the getaway and the alone time with God, it should be good for me.

So I realized I really miss my mom, and I wish things were different. But there not and its not going to be I know, but still. I smile and I portray this lovely young lady with so many characteristics but I’m still just a girl yearning for her mother in the end. <– Secret (shh)

So my niece had her graduation today. (giggles) Shes three and going to be in preschool. Shes such a cutie! But heartbreak of the night, my sister and her husband are separated(not the heartbreak, hes a jerk) but he didn’t show and my sister was hurt, therefore I was. They had these individual performances for the parents and when it was time for the dads to come down, you see my three year old niece looking around for her dad who wasn’t there, saddest image ever, not to mention my sister was crying. But my dad the hero went down there and she sang &quoteyou are the wind beneath my wings&quot; to him. adorable.

Then we all went out for a family dinner and it was nice. A good end to a long day.

Well off to bed early, quite exauhsted!

Peace it yo =]


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