So pretty much this is not going to be an everyday thing, if you haven’t already figured. Time just seems to be sucked in these days.

The drama is becoming over baring. Craziness, one would say. One day I will tell you the story of “The Wolf Pack” but now, your not ready believe me, for I am barley gripping on to this rollercoaster life.

Confession: I like her, I always will. Point blank period. 

Realization: We will never work.

Thought: I want her, unofficially though. <– get it?

I’ll explain. When we try and make things serious, it doesn’t work. But casually its amazing, so unofficially makes it .. not serious. <– Get it now?

Why I’m even waisting my time explain this only god knows. Its not going to happen, I’m not going to let it happen, but doesnt mean I don’t want it too.

Bleh. Its late, I’m tired. The end.

Sweet Dreams


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