“A promise is a promise dear” <– Dont make them if you dont intend to follow through.

So just for starters I’m home alone and I love it, dont ask why.

Ugh its so hot lately it sicking, like literally feeling sick to my stomach, or that could just be the contractions. Yes contractions. See I’ve been prego since about thirteen šŸ˜‰ def of contractions : pains that come and go every five minuents, thanks to Eve. <– caught on yet?

Grr so jk not home alone anymore, my ant just got here. Greeeeat. Oh well.

So funny story, I’ve pretty much been gone like everyday last week, so I decidedĀ I wanted to just stay home and chill yesterday, sooo did not happen. Delfina (my twin) ended up just showing up at my house randomly and wanted me to go get food with her, not that I mind, I mean its food but at the same time i just wasnt in the mood. Then we ended up going to the BI <– teen night club with steph and alicia, and that itself led to a crazy night, I got home at like three! But at the end of the day it was worth it, I actually felt better and had fun.

So theres so much going on, but for once not in my life, but then again I make things bout my life so mine as well say theres alot going on in my life. Just with friends I mean. But I couldnt even tel you if I wanted to, Id have no idea where to start without having to write a novel. So lets not and say we did shall we.

Alright dearest, I shall be back later.

Peace it yo =]


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