So hate me now or later? later I prefer. well still alive, but my Internet died, so sorry for to have left you with the absence of my words (giggles) <– love my diction.

Wow where to start…

 Well soon to be a god mother experience went quite well, ayianas due at the end of august and shes gonna be gorgeous I can feel it. Saw my cousin ashley and we’ve been inseparable ever since, amazing times already! Alex and Steph are back! I didn’t realize how much I missed them both. Me and steph are good, its interesting actually, but you’d have to see us together to understand, but enough with the old and now with the new.

Been phone less for about two weeks, it wouldn’t be so bad if i didn’t keep meeting new people! lol <– laugh out loud

Swear i’ve been in and out the house like every day for those  two weeks as well, doing god knows what with who. no, mainly just hanging out and what not.

OH! totally forgot, the over night stay thing at Cal St! It went well, it makes me so excited to be living on camps and going there, and I’m even considering  joining a sorority! craziness right, but don’t act like you cant see me of all people in a sorority. lol <– laugh out loud.

okay so sorry to run but gotta cut this short due to this thing called life, but promise I’ll be back.

peace it yo =]


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