So my twin –>[Delfina] came over yesterday and she had a puppy in her bag. Now im thinking “awh its adorable” untill I realize its in my house. Apperently she found the puppy at San G and wanted to keep it so called my brother and asked him if she could keep it here because clearly, they cant have animals where she lives. Hmm not to sure how I feel about that. Dont know  if its the fact that my Brother is the one she called and hes keeping it, or just the idea in general, but whatever.

Anyway feeling better today, still no appatite –>(which I lost after the whole Michael Jackson thing yesterday) but better overall. I had an interesting dream about Michael actually, lets just say I found out who his saecret mistress was (cough)*(cough).

So planning on going down to the T.v statio tomorrow with Amber a  girl I used to work with.  P.s –> the T.v station in down town San Bernardino, its where I’ve worked for the past two summers. && I’m really excited. Its been about a year since I’ve been down there.

And then friday I am going to Jerees (8th grade bestfriend) to help get ready for her baby shower on saturday. CRAZY, its always the ones you dont expect to get pregnant, but I love her with all my heart so oh well. Excited and nervous for that, I havnt seen her since the begining of the pregnancy. Then saturday night going to my grandmas to finally see ashley! <– thats my cousin who lives in Texas and aka my other half! We got close about two summers ago and been insepreable ever since. Uh p.s staying the night at my Granmas should be interesting, seeing as we dont talk but will see, and then sunday church and home.

So thats pretty much the rest of my week, incase I dont have time to update you.

Peace it yo =]


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