Hello/Michael Jackson

Moment of silence.


Not to make this all dramaic and what not, but wow. Just got done watching the memorial service, and I was fine untill Brook Shields came out, but then I pulled myself together but then Usher came out and the waterworks came raining down for the rest of the show.

Its crazy how “intune” we are with celebrities. I always thought it was so clisha to be obssessed or all “OMG” over a celebrity. But Micheal Jackson, wow, its like how can you not be upset?

I dont even know what to say, I wasnt his number one fan, but I admired him, he was on my to do list(literally) <– dont judge me. kidding. for the most part. But I liked him, then again if you know me, you know I have odd taste. 

I only hope to one day make an ounce of a much of a difference as he did. I guess I’ll have to wait until heaven to do the meet and greet ; )

 It took until after he died for people to realize who he really was, I hope this is lesson, lets not wait for someone else to die to realize who we are.

My thoughts and prayors and with his family and friends.


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