So today.. well.. hmm, sorry I seem to be lost at thought. I tell myself certain things dont matter, yet I find myself drawn to them. Take for instance “the girl” I wrote her on myspace today, calling a truce. Dont ask why, currently dont know, but me being me I dont like to dis like people or vice versa. And if I’m done with “her” then why cant I be friends with “the girl”. I think its a test, because if me and “the girl” are friends I wont do anything with “her”. Wait a minet! Why am I even concidering this. REGAURDLESS I WOULDNT DO ANYTHING.

Ugh “her” makes me feel psycho. Cleary this girl has effed up my game. point blank period.

Anyway while thats one chapter in my life, the rest does go on. Spent majority of the day in bed watching movies and texting my life away, quite amazing. I love that “shardai” is back and so is her game (ignore the contradicting comment above). There are three guys currently trying to apply to the University of Shardai, Loving the attention I must say, but in honest, maybe one has a chance.


P.s –> Forgot to mention that while I spent the day watching movies in bed, I spent the night with Kendra and Estephanie eating and watching movies(:

Finally seen Transformers 2 and loved it! Along with The Hangover, which was hilarious!

“Its not illegal its frowned apon, like masterbating on an airplane” <– LMAO! 

Sweet Dreams.


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