Hello/Just Realized

Ugh so try and follow along. This is random and spur of the moment.

How can I hate her, I dont know her and that alone makes want to. Why do I care so much. Ugh Shardai, I question your thought process. For someone so confident you .. Ugh. lol

I think what makes me so upset is because I feel like a joke, and I feel like shes secretly laughing at me. Shes probably not but thats how I feel, and because she was the .. competition and if you dont know  now you do, I am quite competitive. Its really not that serious and I know that, right? UGH I just want to not care! Is that so hard?

I want to not care! Not even a little bit, teach me how to not care please? I shouldnt care. She did me dirty, she hurt me, she doesnt DESERVE me. I can do better, I mean what was I thinking in the first place, A GIRL, ha like that would of ever lasted. I can say all this but it doesnt change the fact of how I feel. How do I feel you ask, I’m not quite sure to be honest.

okay REALITY CHECK. I’m Shardai Perry. May not mean much to you but damn sure means alot to me. I fight with God, and me and him against the world. AKA shut up and move on Shardai. Shes one person and believe she will get what she deserves(not in a psycho way). You are beautiful and with a future ahead of you that only God knows, you’ll be fine. Amandas a lucky girl, and different strokes for different folks, leave it at that.

Sorry for the momentary relaps, at the end of the day I’m still a G, just got caught in the game.


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