Hello/4th of July

Okay so the day was not half bad, had its moments but fufilling at the least.

Cleaned –>Napped–>Ate–>Played–>Thrown in the pool–>Ate again–>Chilled.

Then the “moments” started happening. There was a hit and run right in front of my house! crazy. I’m inside with the kids ofcourse, while all the adults run outside, but the moment I do get to look out, all you see is the body(unconcious) and like 10 police men and fire fighters and caution tape.

Then my dad who is a functional alchohlic and always has been when it comes to BEER and BEER only.  Catch my drift? Well today he decides to endulged in a little liquor minus the “little”. Its not bad, I just dont like his personality when he’s that way. Grr.

Mmm so we ended up watching the fire works from my roof ❤ <– Favorite place. It was pretty amazing, minus my little sister freaking out when we had to get down cause she swore she was going to fall. lol

Okay well, no plans for tomorrow, lets make some(:

Sweet Dreams.


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